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The Turkey Project

Location: Defence Colony, New Delhi

Completed 2017

The Turkey Project is a young and refreshing brand commanding its way into Delhi’s F&B industry, located strategically within one of Delhi’s most refined residential areas. The café redefines the otherwise dull community market dominated by commercial offices. The space was a narrow rectangle measuring 3.2m x 15m with a height of 4.6m opening onto the street from front and back. 

Within this constrained geometry the challenge was to create a spacious café with minimum of 24 seating, drinks station, fully functional kitchen and basic amenities. The design was conceptualised by breaking the volume to incorporate a mezzanine floor in order to accommodate the required seating. Entry to the café is through the market street while the kitchen faces the rear which connects to the service lane.

With the offices shutting by sundown the café opens its doors and extends onto the street fabric. We enter the space through imposing glass doors with teak wood framing and are welcomed with a grand double height volume with hanging plants and pin lights. The connection between the ground floor and the mezzanine is through a cantilevered staircase with metal railings and wooden steps.  

Grey takes over the space in various tones, highlighting the walls, the mezzanine structure and the furniture support. It creates a neutral palette within the space making it feel to be much larger.  All the furniture and partitions are a mix of wood and MS, with wooden louvres hiding the services and service corridors within the café as well as being the main feature of the café.

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